Mariya Shirou

Mariya Shirou

Date of Birth

January 1


14 years old





Blood type



Left 0.6 Right 0.6

Family Structure

Dad 3 Older sisters Little Brother





Mariya Shirou is 14 years old and is one of the male protagonist of the series.


Recognized as the prodigy of his school, Mariya is highly intelligent with a vast knowledge on prehistoric creatures, which makes him an invaluable asset to his friends and comrades. Mariya is very mature and keeps a cool-head in intense situations but even his patience has limits in regards to someone's foolishness or stupidity. Still, he is a good person at heart and will use any information he has at his disposal to help his friends when they're in danger.

Mariya shares a special friendship with Sengoku Akira as they are the first people the other meets after they arrived in the strange world. They respect and care deeply for each other, often sharing conversations between themselve in regards to their situation, anything their group comes across, or when they're just having a heart-to-heart. At one point, Mariya self-admitted he'd always been alone but he'd never minded it due to the fact he could rarely meet someone of his intellectual level, and preferred doings things on his own. Still, he'd question his life, wondering if he really was satisfied with it, and would think of one person in particular, a person who was always surrounded by people, laughing while being the centre of the group. Maruya would always think while watching that laughing face, "If I could redo my life, that kind of lifestyle might not be so bad..."

Considering himself a scientist, Mariya believes in cold hard facts and is slow to believe in anything he considers to be nonsense, but he still has some doubt and, to a degree, can be open-minded as he originally disbelieved in the clairvoyant visions of Mami Kagura, but he soon comes to have doubts and consider perhaps Mami does have premonitions of sorts. He has leadership skills of his own and can be considered the second-in-command of their group right after Sengoku.


A little on the short side, Mariya has a constant stern look on his face, wears glasses, his hair is black and styled in a bowl-cut with the bangs parting from the left side of his forehead, and he wears the school uniform and often has his laptop computer on hand.

Abilities and skillsEdit

While not very physical, Mariya more than makes up for it with his high intelligence. He is extremely knowledgable in various fields of science, especially prehistoric creatures and extinct animals, which makes him an asset to his friends and comrades. His knowledge is not limited to just prehistory and its wildlife and fauna; he is knowledgeable in world history, fauna, historical figures, etc. He is very analytical and observant with an eidetic memory, able to recall even subtle or seemingly-insignificant pieces of information, and he stores all the information he comes across in his laptop computer, which has a footpump to keep it charged so it doesn't run out of power.