Sengoku Akira
Name Sengoku Akira
Birthday November 2
Age 14 years old
Gender Male
Height 151 cm.
Weight 50 Kg.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Affiliation Team Akira
Previous Affiliation Member of the Volleyball Club
Occupation Leader of his team
Team Team Akira
Partner Akagami Rion
Personal Status
Status Single
Family Structure Mother
Likes Fried Chicken
Watching Videos
Dislikes Taking baths
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Sengoku Akira is the protagonist of the series.

3rd year, class 4, is the main character of the series, a Japanese schoolboy. He seems to be a bystander who reacts to events rather than choosing his own destiny. He is regarded by his fellow students as a lazy good-for-nothing. He is not much of a reliable guy but in times of peril he springs courageously into action that helps the group survival, and eventually making him the leader of the group. He also seems to have a crush on Rion but can't express his feelings to her since they are childhood friends